Presentation Skills

Types of Presentation Skills for Job Seekers.

Analytical Thinking

The best presenters are constantly improving their skills. To get better, you must be able to look honestly at your performance.

Organization Skills

You do not want to be that person spending half of your presentation time trying to find a cable to connect your laptop.

Nonverbal Communicate

When speaking to an audience, the way you present yourself can be just as important as how you present your information.

Emotion Intellige

The ability to understand and manage your own emotions, and use them good to achieve the desired outcomes.


Not everyone is required to work in a close team but the ability to function well in a group is a vital skill in most jobs.


The skills needed to work effectively with others to identify, define and solve problems, including making decisions.

Conflict Resolution

The skills required to resolve disagrees in a positive way, whether your own disagrees or those involving other people.

Negotiation & Persuasion

These skills relate to find mutually agreeable solutions to problems or ways by persuading others what is best.

Writing Opportunities

You may or may not need a written script, but you do need to pre-plan what you are going to say, in what order.


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