Job Fair Representation

Before Participating In a Job Fair ?

A job fair can be an effective means of finding employment. You can display your qualifications to dozens of potential employers in a single day and may even learn about a career you had not considered. Being well prepared may be the factor that helps you stand out over other candidates with similar skills and experience. Learn some basic yet vital ways to be ready for every opportunity you encounter.

Your union has the duty to represent all employees - whether members of the union or not-fairly, in good faith, and without discrimination. This duty applies to virtually every action that a union may take in dealing with an employer as your representative, including collective bargaining, handling grievances, and operating exclusive hiring halls.

Most Common FAQ’s about Job Fair

If I file a duty of fair representation complaint, what happens?

A Board officer is assigned to handle the file. The Board asks the union to file a written response. The officer tries to mediate the dispute.

What responsibilities do I have if I think that my union is violating its duty of fair representation?
If the Board finds that my union violated its duty of fair representation, what can the Board do?
If I want help with a duty of fair representation application, where can I get it?
What is the Project on Fair Representation?
Is Expressworks Consultancy The Right Consultancy for Me?
What is The Process for Invoicing?


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