Employ Legislation

Employment Legislation That Effects You

Employment law is a broad term that covers all aspects of employment. This can refer to anything from your contract, through laws that protect against discrimination and unfair dismissal. An employment law exists to regulate the relationship between business and their employees. By complying with applicable legislation, both employers and their employees can ensure that their recruitment, dismissal and workplace processes are generally fair to everyone. Employment law also helps us combat discrimination and effectively promote equality at work.

Anti-Discriminate Legislation

The situation is very fragmented: many countries have introduced some sort of anti-discrimination legislation; others have no legal framework which prohibits discrimination of LGBTI people. Very few countries have adopted horizontal anti-discrimination laws to protect LGBTI people in all spheres of life.

Labor and Safety Legislation

Working in a safe and non-hazardous environment is a fundamental right as an employee in the United States of America. To enforce the administration and enforcement of laws to protect the safety and health of workers in America.

Sex Discriminate Act

Protects employees against discrimination on the grounds of gender, for example:in job advertisements, in selection of employees for jobs, in promoting employees offering training and career development opportunities.


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